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Happy Vishu !!!

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Vishu is the start of the new year in Kerala..the festival of lights and fireworks. Vishu always strikes pictures of the vibrant yellow  Konna flowers (Cassia fistula) , the “Vishu kani ”  , Vishu kodi , the feast , the Vishu kaineettam …all floods in memories of childhood days..


Wishing  all a happy and prosperous year with love, peace, hope and joy for the year ahead.

                                                                   Happy Vishu !!!!


Happy Vishu !

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Vishu is celebrated with much vigour and pomp in all parts of Kerala.The festival a concoction of light , firecrackers, the traditional Vishu kaineetam(giving money ) , Vishukodi(buying of new clothes) and last but not the least the Sadhya(the feast on banana leaf)..Its the start of a new year, new beginning..

Wishing all the readers of NCV..a Happy & Prosperous Vishu!


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