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Beat the heat with Mango& Dates Smoothie!


Mangoes these yellow beauties have always been my fav since childhood.I remember the fights that I would pick up to slurp the mango seed.This tropical fruit is high in prebiotic dietary fiber,Vitamin A , vitamin C ..etc

Be it ripe or green ones , I love playing with them in my food preparations.The school was closed for about 15 days before the new academic year started.Here in Munnar,  my sons normally have their vacation in June-July months when its pouring all day.The rains are pretty difficult to handle in Munnar when you have to board the bus cold & drenched.So the school closes during that time here as a relief to the kids.The 15 day holiday break flew out for me this time with my classes, printing of my new cookbook and Vishu celebration.Heres a snap from the Vishu Kani..


Mango & Dates Smoothie

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Pulp of 3 medium sized ripe mangoes

6-7 dates ,deseeded

3 scoops of vanilla icecream

2 cups of milk

Chocolate shavings

sugar to taste



In a juicer grind the dates and mango pulp with sugar first.Slowly add in the milk and vanilla icecream scoops and blend  well.Pour this in to serving glasses and top it with chocolate shavings.It is best served chilled.Beat the heat and freshen up with this mango fever!

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